Case study

Simplified returns for online customers

We were selected as the technology supplier for a new and revolutionary solution where consumers can get returning packages shipped back to the online store directly from their own homes.

The Case

With Helthjem-retur it’s possible for a consumer to order the return of packages recently purchased online with pickup at home. For online stores, this means that they can offer their customers a simple and efficient way to return purchased items.

Communication with the consumer happens via sms and email. The courier picks up the package and signs for it with their mobile electronic delivery guide. Depending on the reason for returning the package, the request will be channeled into three different funnels; back to the shop, to destruction, or to charity.

We are delivering the technology powering helthjem-retur.


The easy registration ends with a return-code and instructions for parcel preparations.

The Opportunity

Through the unique distribution network of helthjem-retur we already visit most of the mailboxes and doormats in Norway. By offering a self-service solution for scheduling a pickup of packages we can offer distributors new revenue streams while the consumers gets a long awaited VIP treatment directly from their own mailbox or doormat.

With online stores being able to set rules for the retrieved packages, they can minify the unnecessary storage costs for cheap or damaged items. Consumers will also experience getting a new item or their money back faster than before, because the online store immediately will see the registered order in their system.

"With more reasonable and efficient return options, the consumer’s home is turning into the new dressing room."

The fact that one out of two consumers are dissatisfied with the return solutions available today says quite a lot about the need for a better option. With more reasonable and efficient return options, the consumer’s home is turning into the new dressing room.

The important thing in this case was to make a reservation system that was simple enough for consumers, but at the same time gave enough information to the online store regarding the item being returned.


  • DI Delivery

    Our electronic delivery guide is used by over 10,000 couriers each night and is their most important tool to ensure delivery of great quality.

  • DI Address Helper

    Address Helper ensures that your solution is optimized for the fastest possible acquisition of high quality user information.

  • DI Return

    "Instant Parcel Return" makes it possible for consumers to order the return of packages purchased online, with pickup at their own home.

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