Deviation registration in the EDG

February 27th 2018

The carriers are delivering more parcels than ever before, and the trend is increasing. This requires a different kind of tracking than for other products. DI is currently working on improving the tracking of products throughout the value chain, to increase the security and control of each parcel. Improving the acknowledge and deviation functionalities for the carriers is an important step towards increased control of the parcel flow. We have also received feedback from the carriers and the distribution companies that some functions should be possible to perform while the carrier is on the route. Reporting deviations directly from the EDG is one of those. Starting last week, the carriers can now register the deviations by entering a special "deviation mode" in the EDG, where they can register the reason for why that product was not delivered. The same function is also available for parcels, when the carrier acknowledge a delivery or a missing delivery. More precise information about the delivery of a parcel, and more information about the reasons for not delivering a parcel will make the service better for the consumers. Read further details about this in the release notes, available through