DI Plan & Go

January 22nd 2016

The new solution Plan & Go is one of the most highly profiled projects currently running in DI. Plan & Go is made to yield efficient, trustable and traceable delivery of items from a supplier to end-user. Using the planning tool, the distribution company imports lists of customers and deliveries, verifies addresses by means of Address Helper and optimizes the route for the driver of a car. The driver is equipped with an app to be used on his route where he can start and stop a route and where the map helps him to easily navigate in urban areas as well as more rural environments. Functionality for confirming deliveries and reporting deviations are also features we are proud to present in this first version.

The very first shippable version of Plan & Go was released in the middle of January and we expect to learn a lot from heavy testing, which will have an impact on the further development of this product. Plan & Go is meant to be a long-term project and we are eager to continue working on it. However, as for any project in DI, we believe that building something small, test it out and learn before we take a new product to the next level, is the way to go.

The all-in-one solution for distribution: Plan & Go