New service sends parcels between households

November 29th 2017

It is not always conveniant to go to a post office to send a parcel. Why not send it from your own door mat or mailbox? DI has made a C2C delivery service for households wanting a nice and easy way to send parcels to other households. Helthjem has now launched it in Norway under the name Meg til Deg (me to you). Consumers can order and pay for a parcel shipment at the website, and place the parcel on the doormat or in the mailbox. The helthjem carrier will pick up the parcel and send it to the receiver. The service is starting up now in greater Oslo area, and the households can send the parcels all over Norway. The carriers will get a notification in their DI delivery guide to pick up a parcel. Helthjem has also a cooperation with the Norwegian classified ads service Meg til deg is now a freight option for small items at Try the new service at