New user interfaces in DI Publisher

November 27th 2020

We have launced several new and modern user interfaces this year in DI Publisher. In total these improvements enable us to develop more solutions for self-service, and more satisfied end users.

In the last release we launched a solution where our customers in the media industry can move the distribution of their products throughout the week in selected distribution areas. The need for this kind of distribution movements comes from very long transport routes and the repacking of products before distribution is complex and with an increasing amount of products.

DI has also launched a new method where our media customers themselves can gather their printed volume files in fewer batches to each printing plant. This enables more efficient productions and better opportunities for packing several products together in batches going out to the distribtion companies. Our customers has a complete overview of the setup, and can make any necessary adjustment themselves.

At the same time is our new publishing & distribution calendar in production. This will make our media customers able to set the editions of their publications directly in the DI system.