Parcels reaching all time high volumes through DI technology platform

April 29th 2020

The demand for home deliveries has increased and we see that the service DI and DI Parcel customers are performing great. Near all users of DI Parcel are reporting significant growth in parcel volumes after the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. We see that the weekly and monthly volumes are much higher than the peak season in Q4, which normally is the period with highest volumes.

At DI it is fantastic to see that the DI Parcel systems are scaling to the volumes, and are performing great. DI is following the volume growth closely, and are constantly making adjustments to secure that the systems are scaling for our users. We are also impressed and would like to thank everybody working in all stages of the distribution chain for their fantastic efforts, and for making it possible for the volumes to grow as they do.

Several customers has reported a change in the use of functionalities in DI Parcel, i.e. scanning in DI Cargostream, due to the volume growth. If you want to change the routines or use of DI Parcel, please contact DI Support to find the best way and date to do changes like this.