We provide the industry standard for distribution of media products. Delivering all the newspapers in Norway, and with over 80% of the market in Sweden and a number of customers in Finland, our services are the preferred system and market leading in the Nordic countries.


In a world of constant change, it’s a challenge for logistics companies to satisfy the increasingly harder requirements when it comes to price, quality and flexibility that customers demand.

To deal with this you need a solid logistics system that supports the current operation, at the same time as the system is continuously developed to support the needs of tomorrow.

With DI Distribution we are able to solve all challenges that faces distributors.

  • DI Distribution

    The DI Electronic Delivery Guide is used by over 15 000 carriers each night and is their most important tool to ensure delivery of great quality.

  • DI Control

    DI Control is a new platform designed for distribution operators and gives you complete control of today’s most important issues.

  • DI Route Planner

    Together with SINTEF we have developed a tool that helps you find effective and balanced routes based on your workload or available resources.

  • DI Plan & Go

    This advanced all-in-one solution for delivery companies includes the tools to guarantee a successful operation. An advanced planning tool will help you plan your customer delivery assignments (import + optimize + creating routes). A real-time dashboard for distribution coordinators will give you the overview of all assignments, drivers and time schedules. The Plan & Go driver app (Android / iOS) will help the drivers with packing lists, customer info and integrated GPS navigation (Google Maps or Waze)


Through DI Publisher we deliver the material that printing plants, transporters and distributors need to produce your product. We offer solutions for all known printing formats. DI employs a more advanced set of rules for packaging and labelling of packages to courier routes, mail routes and single copy sales dealers. DI Publisher is designed to provide overview and quality to all stages of the value chain. We also have the possibility of integrating with external systems through Web Services.

  • DI Booking

    DI Booking enables media and sales companies to book inserts and attachments, as well as reserve time for printing and distribution in one central application.

  • DI Address Helper

    Address Helper ensures that your solution is optimized for the fastest possible acquisition of high quality user information.

  • Integration / web services

    DI offers integration with our database through different types of web services. It provides lookup against both our address register, and the deviations that can occour in the logistics and distribution chain.


DI Retailer is our common system for retailers. The customer gets the opportunity connect to a common register of dealers, and benefit from the maintenance our customers do jointly. In addition, we offer advanced rulesets for circulation and number adjustment at all levels. We also got solutions for the production of printing materials via DI Publisher, and billing solutions that supports all major invoice providers. DI Retailer can integrates with external systems through Web Services.

  • DI Sales Support

    DI Sales Support is tailor made for the sales consultant in the store. By using a tablet you can register visits, keep track of inventory and get updates on statistics. The system is connected to DI’s joint dealer registry.

  • Retailer sale prediction system

    Our prediction model for retailer sale and delivery is developed in cooperation with Norsk Regnesentral (NR) and SINTEF. The model has shown promising results when tested for VG and will be further developed based on discussions with VG and Aftenposten.


  • DI Parcel

    DI Parcel is a service to make complex logistic networks available for parcels, with multiple functions specially developed for parcel handling. The service makes it easy for external vendors (i.e. online stores) to link up to the distribution chain and get status on the parcels sent. DI Parcel also helps the distribution companies with the parcel handling and information flow, and the end customers with information about their shipments.

  • DI Address Helper

    Address Helper ensures that your solution is optimized for the fastest possible acquisition of high quality user information.

  • DI Return

    DI Return makes it possible for consumers to order the return of packages purchased online, with pickup at their own home as soon as the next morning.


With DI Payroll you get a payroll and a gross salary system that is tailored for distribution. From the administration panel you can keep track of the couriers and manage personell related to your distribution. The system handles compensation rules according to central and local special agreements. The solution requires integration with a payroll system for handling all financial transactions like advances, salary deductions, tax etc. With DI Payroll you will get a system that provides you with key figures for remuneration, as well as provide detailed paychecks.