Changes for Saturday deliveries in Norway

November 23rd 2016

The new Norwegian law regarding postal deliveries made the deliveries of letters open to other than Posten from January 1st. The delivery of priority mail on Saturdays were stopped from March 1st, but Posten continued to deliver newspapers on Saturdays. The ministry of transport and communications arranged a competitive tender for the distribution of newspapers on Saturdays to subscribers in rural areas of Norway, and in July the service licence were handed over to Kvikkas AS. Kvikkas AS, a small delivery company from Ålesund took over the Saturday deliveries for the rural parts of Norway not covered by the Helthjem network. First distribution date was Saturday November 5th. DI has made a significant contribution to the industry by making sure the transports are redirected, packing facilities has adusted to the new routines, and that the titles are routed to the correct drop points. Unfortunately, multiple newspapers will not reach their destinations in time, and as a consequence will not be distributed Saturdays. It is now also decided that Posten will stop the delivery of priority mail, which also will have some consequences for the distribution of newspapers. We have heard that the distribution of newspapers over night will continue, but the newspapers must be distributed over greater distances if some terminals are closed.