DI Hackers Day

October 29th 2018

DI Hackers Day is a full day event of research, workshops and sharing knowledge where we explore new ideas, new technology and possible new directions for our business. Wednesday last week we dived into these topics:

  • Voice commands: Ordering from Morgenlevering with Google Home
  • Route optimization: Map editing with a GPS trace layer (illustration)
  • Blockchain: Further develop the DI prototype
  • Machine learning: Using machine learning to recommend complementary products at Morgenlevering.no
  • Internet of Things: Develop a sensor for clothing containers that can trigger a pickup based on fill grade
  • Front end: Renew the design and search function of DI Address Helper

DI Hackers Day is important for us as we focus on doing in-depth research on selected relevant topics which will help us decide on technologies, explore different approaches, and ultimately create the best solutions for our customers.