DI Hackers Day - October

October 31st 2020

A few times a year we have DI Hackers Day, a day where most of the DI coworkers take on selected projects that are a bit outside of our daily focus.

These projects can be to learn a new technology, to develop a new function that we have not prioritized earlier, or to explore the opportunities regarding a new service.

The autumn edition of Hackers Day was on Tuesday October 13th. Nearly all DI coworkers joined, mostly through video from home offices. The projects we worked with included a simplification of internal routines, improvements of external communication, testing of new technology and a closer look at improvements for some of the services we have today. Some of the topics were:

  • Surveillance of a post box by using sensors, to learn more about user patterns
  • Testing Kafka Connect and Kinesis Stream, systems that can move tables out of the database and create smaller and more flexible databases
  • Create order confirmation with the possibility to change delivery address
  • A closer look at new possibilities for DI Address helper