DI NXT says Hello

October 1st 2019

Hi there, We are just dropping by to say hi from us in DI NXT! “Who is this we and what are you guys up to?”, you might wonder. DI NXT is DIs newly established innovation department. In the time to come we will look into how distribution and logistics might look like in the future. As a starting point, we will look into how we could prepare the carriers for a distribution scenario which might look very different from today.

DI NXT - okay, what do we need this for? Several of us working in DI NXT have been in DI for a long time. We are proud of the technology we offer, and all the opportunities it gives for our customers. The starting point in 2001 was to digitalize the tool used by carriers, with newspapers as the use case. Now, our world is in great change, something both we and our customers have started to notice. Traditional media distribution finds itself in the middle of a transformation: Originating as a distribution network for newspapers, it is now entering in competition with traditional postal actors, startup companies like Budbee and big tech companies like Amazon. Last mile is hot 🔥- and it is fun!

The mission we’ve been given is to make the next generation “last mile”-platform. This is a huge and complex task. But we have to start somewhere, and this fall our focus will lie on the following areas:

Technology that carriers need to deliver and pick up products Testing of digital locks (Unloc) - how does this influence the carriers? Can it replace physical keys? Which opportunities does this create in the world of distribution?

Later we will tell you more in depth about our work on these projects - so stay tuned!

💙 The DI NXT-team