Launching helthjem parcel return

May 22nd 2015

In a project that started up in January together with helthjem we are proud to be a part of a new return solution for Norwegian customers. After four and a half month of intense development the product was released this week.

The markets’ most comfortable return solution for net trade. Order a return from your kitchen table, your sofa or where ever you are. Wrap the item and put it outside for collection at your home – and we will take care of the rest. It cannot get any easier! Norwegians love net trading, but research shows that one out of two consumers are not happy with the presently existing return options. Helthjem retur is a product which, for the first time in Norway, makes it possible to change and return merchandise from home. The product will be launched by press release on 20 May and through announcements in relevant channels, says Schibsted Distribusjon Director Hans Kristian Hallén-Hasaas.

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