Migration completed for Schibsted's newspapers

March 4th 2015

This weekend Fædrelandsvennen, Lister and Lindesnes Avis was transferred to the new Consumer Sales Platform. This was the last of three sections. Earlier Stavanger Aftenblad, Bergens Tidende, Askøyværingen, Strilen, Vestnytt and Bygdanytt have been migrated.

DI has been a part of the project with DI Balance for handling the economic part of the subscription system. This module is responsible for the finance module in the Consumer Sales Platform, and we are proud to deliver this critical module where it is possible to have different VAT rates on products, mixing print and digital and bundle products with a common financial and billing solution. This also allows for example VG to use the module to offer digital VG + subscription with home delivery of VG to the consumer.