NWT starts a brand new distribution network

February 28th 2019

Friday March 1st is the start date for the brand new newspaper distribution network at NWT in Sweden. They will distribute in the Värmland, Dalsland and Skaraborg areas, which counts a total of over 240 000 households. After 40 years with distribution through Tidningstjänst (Postnord), NWT has now built their own distribution network.

DI delivers the technology behind the new distribution company, which will handle all information flow:

  • DI Distribution - the system used by the carriers to deliver newspapers, parcels, magazines and letters.
  • DI Payroll - calculation of gross salaries for the carriers.
  • DI Publisher - information flow between customer service, printing plants, packing facilities, transport and distribution.
  • DI Parcel - functions related to parcels in the distribution network

DI wishes NWT the best of luck with the start.