Red Cross and Bookis C2C parcel distribution

February 2nd 2018

DI and helthjem are building on its strengths to enable the sharing economy. The Norwegian Red Cross is using our solutions to collect clothes from households in Norway. Customers simply book a pickup from helthjem, put the clothes in a bag and write the pickup code on the bag. The code enables addressing control and pickup control. The online bookstore is revolutionizing the book buying and selling market, merging sales of used and new books seamlessly for the individual users. Helthjem supplies the logistics, both for peer-to-peer deliveries picked up and delivered from private homes as well as traditional business to consumer deliveries for new books. By combining a strong technical platform and low-cost express pickup and delivery solutions, we believe that we can help new circular economy concepts grow to new heights, says Tor Even Blom-Ramberg, Chief Innovation Officer at helthjem Netthandel. DI has created the technology that makes this service possible: A website with payment service and a pick-up code generator for the customers. The electronic delivery guide from DI is enabling the carriers to pick up the parcels, which will be brought back to the carrier central for further transportation.