Schibsted launched the freight service SVOSJ

September 26th 2019

Schibsted launched the subscription service SVOSJ in Norway last week, to solve the biggest challenge for online shoppers: expensive, slow and unpredictable freight. In partnership with some of the largest and most popular online stores in Norway, SVOSJ will change how we shop online by offering a monthly subscription service for freight. DI is the technology partner for SVOSJ and has developed both new technology and used existing platforms. There will also come a series of other advantages for the subscribers, in addition to free freight from the online stores. "The goal is to enable the consumers to easily get an overview of the partner stores, find items they need and get it super fast and easy delivered home, without worrying about the freight cost. The members will get free freight, superfast deliveries, no surprising new costs in the check out, full overview of the parcels in transit, and options to choose delivery place and to change delivery while transit. And this will be a standard for all partner stores. This will be a simple and standardized experience across all partner stores, which will be a big improvement by itself", says Cathrine Laksfoss, CEO at Schibsted Distribution. SVOSJ was launched September 17th with a number of small and large online stores, and more stores will be a part of SVOSJ in the coming months.