Transition technology

February 27th 2020

Many of our customers are now experiencing a larger variation than before in the daily distributed volumes. This is why DI has worked on functionalities we call Transition technology. This is improvements and adaptations to the existing systems and services to adapt to these changes in customer needs.

The distribution company Innlandet Distribusjon Gjøvik in Norway is the first company to test this, where we have implemented a permanent change in the distribution volume. While local newspapers and advertisements now are distributed only two days a week, there are parcels, magazines and some newspapers distributed every day. To solve this practical challenge, the distribution company has now 53 routes Mondays and Wednesdays, and 35 routes the remaining days of the week.

To support this new function, we have made a new link between the active days on a route and the days a product can have as their normal distribution date. This is needed to make sure the products are distributed on the active days on a route, even if they really should be distributed at an earlier date. This new improvement are enabling the coverage of Helthjem Mediapost throughout the week, for the products that are only distributed twice a week. As an example: The magazine Teknisk Ukeblad, usually distributed on Thursdays, will have Mondays as a regular distribution day in the Gjøvik area.

We are looking forward to present this for all interested parties after the pilot period is over.