Technology and Career

Logistics has become one of the hottest technology areas during the last few years, with hundreds of start-up companies within Last Mile services. The industry will change a lot and DI will be right at the core of this with new technologies and innovative business models. Distribution Innovation is the most advanced tech environment within logistics and distribution in the Nordic countries, and an exciting place to work.

How we work

DI has grown steadily since the start in 2001, and we have today a lot of skilled employees, many which have been here for many years. Our developer teams are dedicated to one or a few products and services, and they are working in close cooperation with our customers. We use agile methodologies like Scrum to optimize the product development, and have focus on devops, data science and learning new technologies.

Our product owners, business developers and project managers are the link between the customers, the management and the developer teams, and both small and large projects are always in progress in DI. We are constantly striving to be ahead of the demands with new features and services, and at the same time we must secure that the daily operations of our excisting services are running smoothly.

Innovation and skills

DI is founded on innovation, and this is achieved by our technology skills, creativity and industry knowledge. To develop the services needed by our customers we have to learn new technologies, we enhance our excisting skills, and some times we also use third party products with a good fit.

A few times a year we have DI Hackers Day, a day with focus on exploring new services, more efficient ways of doing things, or new technologies. Cross functional teams are diving into various topics, which some times results in new features or services.


We use many popular technologies to develop our services. The majority of services are hosted in AWS and running in Docker containers. The teams are using Java, Kotlin, React, React Native, Spring Boot, Prometheus, Terraform, Terragrunt and machine learning services on AWS. We are using the Google Maps API to manage routes and paths.

As we are in a period of growth, we are constantly looking for skilled people within front-end & UX, app development, back-end, security and infrastructure, project managers and customer support. Are you interested? Please contact us at

Technologies we use in our work