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Tech positions at DI

We are a Norwegian tech company providing the technology that powers businesses delivering and producing products to consumers. We are currently hiring additional developers to join our team.

Our story

Distribution Innovation, a Schibsted and Amedia company, was established in 2001 to enhance logistics in Norway by providing comprehensive solutions for the entire distribution value chain, from order placement to delivery into the customer's hands. Over time, we have grown into a top-tier IT logistics firm in the Nordic region and aim to be the driving force behind the transformation of newspaper distribution to parcels.

At DI, we have the opportunity to collaborate with industry-leading companies, including VG, HeltHjem, Morgenlevering, and many others who require exceptional distribution services. Our solutions play a critical role in ensuring the prompt and reliable delivery of parcels and newspapers to consumers' doorsteps.

Our mission

Powered by DI - Together we shall challenge the way the world thinks and works, powering sustainable and environmentally friendly deliveries. Our mission is to empower distributors and media houses with ultramodern tools, enabling optimal distribution efficiency.

As the market changes rapidly, DI is determined to deliver top-notch products that help solve our customer’s current challenges. Through our innovative technology, we help both billion dollar companies as well as small local papers.

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At DI, we are using modern technologies. We’re working with the entire value chain of distribution, from order to delivery into the hands of our customers. We are the technology behind,, and many other innovative companies. The technology we provide reaches far and wide:

Newspapers: Powering the delivery of all the newspapers in Norway, and over 90% of the market in Sweden and a number of customers in Finland.

Parcels: Providing a network with over 15 000 couriers we have a complete reach of delivering parcels for the nordic countries.

Our solutions are made using Java, React, React Native, Spring Boot containerized with Kubernetes. We run everything in AWS and prefer Serverless and Managed Services. We use Terraform and Terragrunt to deploy applications and infrastructure. We have a cloud and security mindset and embrace change and learning.

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Workplace and Culture

In DI, we have a typical scale-up vibe. Because of our flat structure, openness, and transparency, everyone feels welcomed and a part of something great. Our team consists of highly dedicated and educated experts and specialists within system and application development, IT architecture, product innovation, business development, and project management. As part of a flat organization, you will have a strong voice when working on projects and discussing tech strategies.

Image of people in DI chatting and having a drink

It’s safe to say we know each other well, and love to arrange social events, in and outside the office. We believe in scheduling team-building activities, dinners, and after work beer regularly to stay connected across teams. Working from Akersgata 55 in central Oslo, we share facilities with other Schibsted companies. In our building, you can find a gym, rooftop terrace, top-notch cantina, and fantastic colleagues.

Our products

We offer the technological infrastructure that powers businesses involved in delivering and producing products to customers, providing solutions for first, mid, and last mile delivery.

Our portfolio includes:

DI Buddy - Our delivery app helping couriers deliver products to customers. Combined with our distribution technology the carriers are able to deliver packages and newspapers with state of the art GPS solutions.

DAP - Our data analytics platform leveraging machine learning that provides data and insight for our customers.

DI Retailer - Powering all the retailers in Norway to be able to sell the daily newspapers and magazines in stores.

Route planning system - Helping customers create routes, facilitate and optimize distribution products.

DI Cargostream - A solution for efficiently handling parcels in the value chain. It allows for tracking, sorting, deviation handling and other configurations.

Today, our technology enables more than 2.2 million deliveries every day, executed by over 15 000 couriers in Norway, Sweden, and Finland. We are the technology behind and


Holiday benefits 🌴

5 weeks holiday per year plus 2 additional days to do something you like - travel, learn something new, spend time with family and friends, or something else.

Modern technology  🖥

For us, technology is what ties everything we do together, and what makes us stand out. We work with the newest technology, making sure we always grow in the ever-changing world of tech.

Workspace flexibility 🏡

We trust our employees in deciding when and how to get the job done. We offer a hybrid work environment, but would of course like to see you 3 days in the office per week.

Modern and central offices  🏢

Extremely nice offices located in the Schibsted Building at Akersgata 55. Here, you can find our gym, rooftop terrace, top-notch cantina, and fantastic colleagues.

A great social environment 🎉

We have lots of social activities here, including gaming communities, team-building activities, after-work beers, dinners, and much more. 

Excellent insurance and pension schemes 🛡️

We offer terrific pension, in addition to travel insurance for business trips, health insurance, and personal insurance.

Great deals within Schibsted 📢

Being a part of Schibsted we give our employees free access and offer great deals. These include free subscription to Podme and VG+, discounts on SATS, restaurants, and a lot more!

Growth and personal development 🌱

We are a relatively small company where everyone are able to expand their responsibility and their role. We are also a part of the bigger community of Schibsted enabling us with great opportunities within coursing.

About the roles

We seek dedicated and motivated individuals who are committed to professional growth and continued learning. As a member of our team, you will play a vital role in shaping our company's future development and decision-making processes.

Our team collaborates with Schibsted's open source community. As part of a Schibsted-owned company, you will have the opportunity to engage with passionate developers from VG,,, and other leading brands.

You will get the opportunity to influence how the company and our solutions look in the long and short term. You will also take part in a team with a passion for creativity and problem-solving, and work with colleagues who like to be social and have fun together.

Lead Frontend Developer

As a Lead Frontend Developer, you will be responsible for developing responsive web applications and critical mobile apps that enhance our customers' user experience.

We use React, React Native, and TypeScript as our frontend technologies. We are expanding our frontend team and require a Lead Frontend Developer to oversee current and future technology strategies for web and mobile development.

Working closely with our UX team, you will join our product team Last Mile, and have a significant impact on our company's success.

Who are you?

• First and foremost, we hope you love technology as much as us!
• You like working in interdisciplinary teams and thrive with working on many different tasks and problem-solving.
• Hands-on experience with React and React Native. You have 5 years of experience or more.
• Higher education in IT. Inhabit excellent communication skills in Norwegian or English.

What will you do?

• At DI, we work with modern technologies. For this position, you will work in React, React Native, and TypeScript.
• Take charge in building up a new frontend team at DI. You will be responsible for current and future tech strategies for web and mobile development.
• Right now we are focusing on our new mobile app, Buddy, and its web admin user interface.
• In the future, there will be a need for frontend across our teams, especially in our new analytics team.

Do you think you are a good fit for this position?

Apply for Lead Frontend Developer

Senior Backend/Fullstack Developer

As Senior Developer at DI, you will be responsible for building our mico-service APIs and integrations with Spring Boot, PostgreSQL in AWS. The services are cloud native, and deploys in Docker containers in Kubernetes.

As a Senior Developer at DI, you will take a significant part in a tech company that is growing and expanding into new markets. Here, you can become a part of something bigger.

Who are you?

• First and foremost, we hope you love technology as much as us!
• We are looking for you who like to build solid Java and Serverless apps.
• Skilled in developing highly scalable and robust backend services in a cloud-based environment.
• You have 5 years of experience or more. Higher education in IT.
• Experience with Kubernetes, AWS, DevOps, and CI/CD is a plus.
• Inhabit excellent communication skills in Norwegian or English.

What will you do?

• Create microservices and integrate with other APIs and services.
• Participate in deciding architecture and which libraries to use.
• Provide the entire life cycle of a system; idea, architecture, implementation, deployment, and execution in production.
• Participate early in the planning of new solutions.

Do you think you are a good fit for this position?

Apply for Senior Backend/Fullstack Developer

Cloud Architect / Data Engineer

As a Cloud Architect / Data Engineer, you will join our Foundations team and have a significant impact on our company’s success.

In Foundations, we work with AWS, DevOps, DevSecOps, platform, and infrastructure to enable our product teams to deliver high quality solutions rapidly and securely. The role will also be involved in maintaining our newly formed Analytics platform (DAP).

We're seeking an individual who can drive foundational changes and lead maintenance efforts within our team. You should be able to critically assess serverless components and their interactions, optimizing our architecture for seamless and efficient operation. You will lead our work with AWS and stay updated on relevant features to improve our solutions.

Who are you?

• First and foremost, we hope you love technology as much as us!
• Hands-on experience with AWS for at least a couple of years.
• You like working in interdisciplinary teams and thrive with working on many different tasks and problem-solving.
• Interest in learning and trying out new technologies.
• Higher education in IT. Inhabit excellent communication skills in Norwegian or English.

What will you do?

• At DI, we work with modern technologies. For this position, you will work in AWS, Terraform, and other scripting or programming languages.
• Define and implement improvements to our cloud platform and infrastructure
• Maintenance of our Analytics Platform on AWS.
• Architect and configure cloud services through infrastructure as code.
• Enable other development teams to utilise the AWS cloud platform.
• Stay updated with the latest AWS services and features to continuously enhance the platform's capabilities.

Do you think you are a good fit for this position?

Apply for Cloud Architect / Data Engineer

Work with amazing people

Bilde av Roar
Roar Granevang
Backend Developer, DI

"I appreciate working closely with customers to create the best tools for the job. Rapid feedback and good communication is key for successful software development."

Image of Isak
Isak Tuene
UX & UI Designer, DI

"In addition to having a great tech environment, DI’s trust to its employees creates a flexible, effective and fun workday."

Interview process and what to expect

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1. Application
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You find a position and the company interesting and we think that's fun. We will read through the application and invite you further in the process if we think there may be a potential match. Either way, you will hear from us.

2. Screening call
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A quick conversation with a recruiter where you can get answers to any questions you may have and we can clarify a few things.

3. Meet & Greet
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We invite you into the office to meet your manager and others from the company to get an insight into the role, the company and what it's like to work with us. We also want to get to know you and your experience. There will be an opportunity to get answers to any questions you may have.

4. Technical interview
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We want to see and hear your thoughts on solving various problems you may face with us. It will be a case that you get to work on a bit at home before we talk about it in the interview.

5. Reference check
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We would like to speak to some of the people you have worked with. We are therefore going to ask you for contact information for a couple of people and that you let us know that we are going to get in touch.

Contact info

Per Gunnar Ødegaard

Talent Acquisition Partner | +47 418 49 760
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