Privacy and Cookies

Distribution Innovation will process personal data in accordance with the privacy laws in force at any given time.

Our users’ trust is of great importance to us, and Distribution Innovation is therefore committed to safeguarding your privacy. Here we will explain how and why we collect and use information about our users and how we take privacy into account.

1. What is personal data and who is responsible?

Personal data is data and assessments that can be related to a physical individual. This can be, for example, name, place of residence, phone number, e-mail address or IP address.

Any collection, registration, assembly, storage and disclosure of personal data is called processing of personal data. All processing of personal data in Norway is subject to the Personal Data Act and the Data Inspectorate supervises the law.

The company or entity entitled to decide where personal data is to be used is called a processor and is the entity responsible for processing personal data in accordance with the applicable rules. When you use our website, app or web-app, Distribution Innovation is the data processing responsible.

As a subsidiary of Schibsted and Amedia, Distribution Innovation will carry out tasks for those companies.

2. What kind of information do we collect?

We collect information you provide to us and about the use of our services. We also receive certain information from third parties.

Information you provide to us

We store information when you contact us by sending us an e-mail to the customer center or providing feedback through features in the service so we can answer your questions. We also store information that you register yourself in a comment box, form or similar on our app.

Information collected through use of the services

We record information about how you use the services. This enables us to improve our services, prevent fraud, and customize the content of your usage and interest patterns.

The information collected may be divided into the following types:

Information about your device and internet connection

Through technical logs and other tools, we record information about the device and the connection to our services, such as operating system, device manufacturer, IP addresses or network ID information will also be sent.

Information about your geographic location

We will store your geographical location for all actions performed in the website for insight and analytics reasons, through Google Analytics. We will NOT store the detailed geographic information.

Information about your user account and customer relationship

We store information about your user account and phone number. This is information we store to manage your customer relationship, in order to help you use the solution in an optimum way.

3. What are we using the information for?

We are constantly working to provide you with the best possible experience of our services. Unless specifically agreed with you, we will only use your information to:

Deliver our services as agreed with you

We process personal information and other forms of data to provide services as agreed with you. We also use data to ensure the best possible user experience for you, including customizing the display of the content of your screen and the fastest possible loading of the pages. Report incidents and updates of the system.

Generate statistics and understand market trends

We develop statistics and identify market trends to improve and further develop our sites and services.

Develop personalized services - services tailored to you

We want to give you the opportunity to get tailor-made content and customizations. By using data about your user behavior, for example, we can remove features that are not appreciated by the users or add services based on your user behavior pattern or other users with similar usage patterns as you.

Prevent, restrict and review abuse of our services

We may use information about your activity on our services combined with technical data (such as log files with more) to prevent, restrict and review various types of abuse of our services. “Abuse” means, among other things, the use of fake profiles, spamming, harassment, attempts to log into someone else’s account, as well as other behaviors that violate applicable laws.

4. With whom do we share information?

Your information will be shared with others where it is relevant to the purposes as described in this privacy statement. We will not share, sell or convey personal information in any way other than described in this Privacy Statement unless specifically agreed with you.

Public authorities

If imposed by law or there is a suspicion that there have been violations in connection with the use of our services, the information we have stored about you may be disclosed to public authorities.

5. How can you manage, correct or delete the information we have about you?

It is important that the information we store about you is correct and up to date. If you notice an error, we encourage you to contact us so that the information can be corrected. You can also contact us if you want information to be deleted.

We will not store personal information beyond what is necessary to fulfill the purpose of the treatment and the statutory duties we have.

6. Implementation of changes

We may periodically update this privacy statement to reflect any changes to the site or our site policy. In case of significant changes, we will inform separately of the services that are affected.

7. Contact Information

If you have any questions about our processing of personal information or this privacy statement, please contact us at

Last updated: July 2022