DI technology are solving local distribution assignments

August 4, 2022

We see that our technology can be used to solve many local distribution assignments. This is the case both for ad-hoc solutions for temporary needs, and more permanent services used by our customers.

The distribution company Svensk Hemleverans has just started a delivery service for company lunches from a restaurant in Linköping, as the restaurant is temporarily closed for guests. This was discussed and executed during a few days by using DI Plan & Go for route planning and deliveries.

At the Hackers Day last week we created a generic service for local distribution, where smaller stores without an online store may use the carrier network to distribute to customers. The stores can import the order list to DI Flow to get the parcels included in the product chain from the distribution centrals.

If you or your colleagues have an idea for a local distribution and you need some technical support, please contact us to discuss how we can make this happen. (